In the Stillness

Pausing, resting, stopping – in our fast-paced world even the slightest break in routine can feel underserved. We often feel that if we stop, maybe we won’t get going again, so it’s better to run ourselves ragged. A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest.

This law of physics is unsustainable for the human body. Eventually we will run down, break down, get sick.

It’s often in the stillness that God can reach us the best.

I have been working on a memoir about the nine months I lived and volunteered in Nepal. Following is a tiny excerpt from my experience going on a Hindu pilgrimage which made me question my purpose in Nepal and left me wondering what to pray for:

Then I stopped. Stopped trying to find the perfect wish or an eloquent prayer. Stopped trying to figure it out. Stopped thinking. I just stood. Breathing. Being. Softly, I felt God’s presence. Like a warm mist, it hovered above us. I felt it slowly begin to shift and spin above my head then expand and encircle Deependra and me. It seeped through us, and I inhaled it with each breath. It expanded, swirling through the courtyard and drifting to the far corners. I stood, breathing. Just breathing. I might have lost my way in life, but I hadn’t lost God.

God never intended for us to work non-stop. With the Sabbath hours approaching, we are reminded of the beautiful gift of rest. An invitation to pause from the routine and accompanying technology of the work week, and just be. Twenty-four glorious hours set aside for replenishment and reflection.